Torquay Honeymoon Minimoon Destination

To Mini-moon or Honey-moon and where to go? The Mini-moon is often a fantastic solution for people who are unable to take much time off work or who want to celebrate their wedding in a traditional way but perhaps financial obligations are restricting them from taking an extended holiday. The Mini-moon ticks so many boxes especially in a resort such as Torquay in Devon. A Mini-moon is usually a short break often 3-7 days in length and normally a lot cheaper than a trip to the Caribbean for example. Mini-moon breaks have the benefit that they make a wonderful Wedding gift for family and friends to give individually or collectively as so many couples already have established homes and already own the traditional presents often gifted in years past.

Other factors have influenced this growing trend including the fact that we live in an ever changing world, time and financial restrictions are massively changing how we live our lives and dictate our spending habits. The 2008 financial crash hit many people extremely hard with many businesses cutting back with loss of jobs and earnings following suit. This meant we had to shift our attitudes especially when it came to our spending habits often working longer for often less money. It seems that the day of being able to take a two week holiday to celebrate your wedding became almost an impossibility with not only financial restraints taking a toll but also the fear of losing our jobs also came into play as competition for good paying jobs increased as they became few and far between. The cost factor to go somewhere abroad like the Caribbean was definitely out of reach for the majority of people as well. With challenges however great things can happen and one of the ways we have adapted in society is not to abandon our treats but focus on quality over quantity. I operated one of Torquay’s best hotels throughout the toughest years of the financial crisis and we saw a major shift towards shorter breaks especially for Newlyweds looking to still celebrate their special day but without breaking the bank. The Mini-moon trend ticks so many boxes for a lot of people and Torquay as a destination has done tremendously well from this stay-cation trend. Instead of going through potential hassle at international airports most people can drive or take a train / coach to the coast and celebrate the most special day of their lives in luxurious surroundings. I noticed a significant rise in the amount of people booking a Mini-moon instead of a Honey-moon. Most couples choosing this option did so because it meant a shorter amount of time away from work and enabled them to celebrate their wedding but still keep holiday time for the rest of the year. There were other bonuses as well such as the ability to utilise the money that would have been spent on a honeymoon to be put towards house purchases and paying off debt. The Mini-moon is one of the most popular short break enquiries that we receive for our luxury holiday apartments in Torquay. Guests continue to seek great value, luxury accommodation, beautiful sea views and array of great activities and food and drink options which Torquay has in abundance.

We are seeing so many of our apartments being booked as either wedding gifts by families or by the couples themselves. People want to give something quality and an experience their loved ones will truly remember and a week in Torquay in a beautiful sea view apartment is becoming a really popular option as the resort goes from strength to strength. For more information on our luxury 5 star apartments in Torquay please feel free to browse our portfolio and get in touch if you have any questions at all.

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